William Shoemaker contractor West Chester Ohio

Contractor scam alert – William (Bill) Arthur Shoemaker

This page is about the handyman and remodeling contractor, Bill (William) Shoemaker, and was established to warm all homeowners and residential consumers of a contractor scam.

Bill Shoemaker, last known address of 9673 Iris Drive, West Chester, OH 45241-1338, doing business in West Chester, Norwood, Oakley, Liberty Township Ohio.  Mr. William Shoemaker is taking homeowner’s money based on the promise of providing bath, kitchen, basement, cabinet and other residential remodeling or contracting work.

In January, February, March and July 2016 he was given money by trusting homeowners to perform work, which has not been completed.  It is believed that he is still performing work in the Butler and Hamilton county areas of southern Ohio, be aware of his unethical, perhaps illegal practices.

AVOID THIS CONTRACTOR AT ALL COSTS!  William Shoemaker contractor West Chester, Liberty Township Ohio 513-319-4005

Additional information …

Work began in January 2016 on a $6000 bathroom/office basement project, after Mr. Shoemaker was provided a check for $3000.00.  Between January and April, almost no work had been completed, although Bill Shoemaker continued to provide May 15, 2016 as a completion date.  Reasons provided by Mr. Shoemaker for a lack of program included being sick, his wife’s transportation to see a doctor, and trip to New Orleans for pleasure.  Mr. Shoemaker asked for another $500.00 because he needed expense money for his New Orleans trip.

Weeks, often months passed with no meaningful progress on the project.  Mr. Shoemaker has become adept at making promises, yet providing excuses for work stoppage.  Additional project completion dates were set: June 15, July 15, July 31, August 5, and finally September 12.  All dates came and went without completion.

In total, Bill Shoemaker was provided $5,500.00 on four separate occasions, while the basement bath project remains incomplete.  We are bringing in a new contractor to finish the basement project, but when all is said and done, it will have taken over a year and excessive costs to complete the job.

Filings with the Better Business Bureau are coming, along with filing a complaint with Butler County, Ohio.