Dear Brian:

It has been a long journey, but one I’m very excited I started and stuck with.   When I stepped on that scale this morning and it was in the 140’s, I almost jumped for joy.  I know the scale last week at the doctor’s office said 149, but it wasn’t the official boot camp scale, so I couldn’t get as excited as I did this morning.

The help and support all of you have given me has been wonderful.  I don’t think I could have done it on my own.   Brian’s daily emails, support and pushing me in camp, the smiles when the instructors see me, and everyone putting up with my crazy requests.  It went a long way to keeping me on track and will continue to inspire me.

It is awesome to look back at where I was and how far I’ve come.  Thought I would share:

Beginning weight:  233   Weight this morning:  148

Mile time:  15:49 to 9:40

Pushups:  Could not do them from my toes, now I think I’m up to 28 up on my toes

Ran/Walked my first 5K in November of last year

Ran my first 5K in May of this year

Running with the Ronckers (I ran 60 miles the month of October) training for the Turkey trout (my first 10K)

Inches lost (hopefully to never be found again):  50 something (yes, I include both legs and arms in that equation; but I don’t have to count my three stomachs anymore 😉

Pants size then:  22   Pants size now:  6-8

Shirt size then:  2/3X, XXL   Shirt size now:  S/M

Cholesterol levels then:  Very bad    Cholesterol levels now:  Excellent

Blood pressure then:  158/86   Blood pressure now:  121/68

Confidence then:  Not so much  Confidence now:  Soaring

I could probably go on and on, but you guys/gals get the picture.


Judy Moermond

After having 3 boys, Shonda went from 165 pounds to 120 pounds, and has kept if off for over 3 years … and counting. 

I was the epitome of the yo-yo dieter.  I would lose 40 – 50 lbs and then over a 4-5 year period of time put it all back on plus some.  Then I would start all over again.  Mostly through “fad” diets/programs, but would always revert back to my “old ways”.  Disgusted with my weight at 226 lbs., in the spring of 2010 I was back at it again. I was having lunch with a friend/coworker of my mine and she indicated that she just started Adventure Boot Camp again. She explained what she did at boot camp and I wanted to give it a try.

I’ve finally found a fitness program that I’ve been able to stick with.  I’m taking the weight off slowly and really believe that it’s for good this time.

My body has really been transforming and people are really taking notice.  And of course, asking how I’m doing it.  I jumped on the opportunity to tell them about ABC and the many reasons why they should join, including making lots of new, supportive friends that have similar fitness and health goals.

I’m fast on my way to being in the best shape of my life.  Below are the positive results that I have achieved thus far from participating in ABC.

Weight                  Start:  226            Current:   179    Result:  47 lb. weight loss

Size:                     Start:  16              Current: 12       Result: down 2 sizes

Inches                   Start:  178”          Current: 148”     Result:  30” loss

Body Comp            Start:     46.2%    Current:  38%    Result:  -8.2%

Cholesterol:           Start:  257            Current:  197

I feel better than ever and have much more confidence.  My doctor is thrilled with the direction my health is taking.  I’m not finished with this journey and will continue indefinitely.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Adventure Boot Camp!!! 

Sherry Bannister

Adventure Boot Camp Oakley

I had been looking for some kind of fitness program for a while.  I was a little intimidated not having worked out for over 15 years.  I saw an ad in my local newspaper and signed up for boot camp on a whim.  The 5:30am start time made me nervous because I am not a morning person.  From the very start Linda, our instructor, was so friendly and helpful.  I kept hearing “This is your workout.”  That really empowered me to work at a challenging but manageable level.  At about month three I was discouraged and ready to give up. I hadn’t changed my eating habits so I did not see any visible change in me.  But another camper, Judy M.,  encouraged me to continue.  She shared her story and gave me an incentive to stay with it.  The 12 Week Challenge gave me more incentive to work out and to continue to make positive changes in my life.  I started following Brian’s eating suggestions and looking at the whole process differently.  This wasn’t just a workout/diet plan but an entire lifestyle change. Through working out, eating five 300 calorie meals a day, reading Brian’s encouraging emails and bonding with Linda and other boot campers, I was able to lose over 20 pounds and 10% body fat.  I have just hit my one year mark and feel stronger than ever.  Getting up at 5am is second nature.  More importantly, I am growing stronger everyday.  I make every effort to share my experience with anyone else who will listen because I want to pass along the good message.  Thanks ABC for giving me a healthier, fuller and much richer life.

Martha Huschart

I got bored walking and doing Zumba and Jazzercise and wanted to join a boot camp.  A friend of mine talked me out of it, telling me that at the boot camp she had attended, the trainer was a drill sergeant and that it was so hard she wanted to quit long before the end of the session.  Another friend had just signed up for Adventure Boot Camp and invited me to attend the bring-a-friend Wednesday.  I was hooked.  I had so much “fun”, I enlisted for the next session and the next and the next and the next.

I have no superlatives about which to brag.  I’m not the oldest, the smallest, the strongest, the fastest nor the healthiest.  I am, however, older, smaller, stronger, faster and most importantly, healthier.

I still walk and Zumba and I still get bored but, I have to say, there’s never a dull moment at Adventure Boot Camp.

JoAnne Folzenlogen

“My mom was an active woman–not athletic, just active. She loved walking. Thus, it was hard to see her bedridden the last year of her life due to a fall and the debilitating effects of kidney dialysis. Nine months after her death, the heaviness in my heart made me sluggish. I had no energy to exercise and my eating habits had turned to comfort foods only. My turning point came in July when I had to ask my daughter to bend down and fasten my sandals because I was unable to do so without getting lightheaded.  I had a garage sale 2 weeks later and a lady came in wearing an ABC shirt.  I had received information on ABC in the mail so I asked her about it. I will NEVER forget her words–“It changed my life”.

I called ABC 3 days later and had my Assessment with Jennifer. I still remember the shame I felt that day when my measurements were taken. How could I have allowed myself to get in this condition? I am a nurse, I know what to eat, how to eat, and the importance of exercise especially with the blueprint I was born with: Diabetes, Cancer, Kidney Failure, and Heart Disease. What kind of legacy was I giving my girls because I knew better so why wasn’t I doing better?

That first week of camp, I cried every day. The soreness was horrendous. But the encouragement I received from Jennifer, other campers, and my family was so overwhelming that it made the discomfort dissipate. And on the year anniversary of Mom’s death, I was on my back doing skull crushers, gazing up at the stars, and thinking how much I still missed her. But I knew Mom did not choose to lay around the last year of her life–she was forced to. And my homage to her would be to NEVER lay aound and be inactive.

Eighteen months later, ten 5k races later, three 5 mile races later, and 40 lbs less, I am preparing for my first Triathalon.  At the beginning of every race, I quietly say: This one is for you, Mom because her spirit gives me the desire to run,  Thank you God for giving me the ability to run, and Thank you ABC for giving me the energy to run.

ABC, you really, truly CHANGED MY LIFE!!”

Annalisa Smith

Click below to watch the Kelly Stiles success story of losing 20 inches…

Below is the Follow Up to Kelly’s Story

Dear Brian,

This morning, I stepped on my scale and saw the ‘goal weight’ I set (in my head) at my first weigh-in (Dec 2010) for the boot camp that started on Jan 3, 2011.

As of today:

From 167 lbs to 130 lbs

22 inches less

Almost 10% less body fat

From size 12 to size 6/4 (depending on the brand :)) – and by the way, I have NEVER worn less than an 8 in my LIFE!

From NO pushups on my toes to 30-something in a minute

A mile in under 10 minutes

From barely using 8 lb weights to 15 lbs on many things

I know you see a lot of ‘success stories’ but since this is “goal day” from one perspective (but don’t worry, I have no shortage of goals) I wanted to give gratitude where gratitude is due.  This is the amazing body God gave me, and with the boot camp program, daily encouraging emails and a wonderful instructor (i.e. Michelle) you have helped me be a better steward of the gift.  I am 47 years old, and in the best physical shape of my life.


Selene Crosby

Sixteen weeks ago we started the “12 Week Challenge” at Adventure Boot Camp.  This is my third time around, never won, tried pretty hard so what was I going to do different?  I got excited!  That is what I started with.  It was the first thing listed for Brian’s 10 strategies.  I was excited to think that at the end I was going to feel great, fit into my favorite clothes (it was the holidays) and look as hot as an almost 49 year old can! I read the 10 strategies almost daily and took all of them seriously.  It took some planning. (That is key).  From having healthy food to having an accountability partner – who also was nice enough to count my calories for me.  I am a big eater and never wanted to feel like I was dieting so just ate even more of the healthy stuff but did incorporate 100 oz of water into my day.  I cut out pop (not a big drinker of it but it was an unhealthy thing in my life) and ate smaller portions.  Really, I only ate smaller portions of the starches or would skip that on my plate completely.  Cutting down on alcohol was really difficult the first two months (holidays) but gradually became easier.  I kept in my mind this motto.  “Pain of discipline or Pain of Regret – one is temporary, the other lasts a lifetime”.   I just kept looking forward to the end of the challenge of how I would have no regrets.  Regret is hard to recover from.  Discipline is not.

I lost 14 inches, 12 pounds and over 3% loss in body fat.  I was a size 6 and now a size 4.  I used to say “I have no will power”.  Will power is a choice!

I worked this hard and love the place I am at now.  I am keeping on with my goals though.  Another 2 inches to lose by April is what I am striving for.  (I don’t even care where.)

Mary Birk

One of the best parts of boot camp is the community of women that it provides.  The women are so supportive and inspirational both inside and outside of boot camp. I trained for and ran my first Marathon this fall and the genuine support I received from many campers through the months of training and the weekend of the race was amazing. The women held me accountable, pushed me, and cheered me on. It is one thing to be supportive between 5:30 and 6:30am everyday, but these women went above and beyond and supported me beyond camp. I am so thankful to be a part of such an incredible community.

Nicole Armbruster

I love been active!! My Mum instilled this passion in me from a young age; she was an enthusiastic role model. In college I discovered that regular intense exercise helped me manage my stress and eating disorders (I felt sick under stress, couldn’t tolerate the smell of food and stopped eating at times).. soon enough I became a gym junkie.. spending in average 10-15 hrs a week at the gym.. spinning, moderate weight lifting, powerplate, body balance, body pump, personal trainer.. and yep I spent too much time in the treadmill!. It all helped me to establish a healthy lifestyle and manage stress.. I really enjoyed it!;

However life changes… I married and our long desired baby finally arrived (yep worked out with a personal trainer throughout my pregnancy).. and this changed my priorities for ever.. I clearly didn’t want to spend 15hr/week in the gym anymore… I had other priorities and now preferred to spend as much time as possible with my lil guy and hubby, bond, establish strong relationships.. I was faced with a tough decision, I knew I needed to maintain an intense level of exercise to manage stress.. and after the baby.. I needed to lose a few pounds of baby fat, I also felt the responsibility of been a role model for my lil guy as my Mum had been for me.. Adventure Boot Camp was the perfect solution! Working out at 5:30 am is ideal; my lil guy and hubby don’t need me at that time :), the routine is constantly changing and always challenging.. still feel soar after my work outs.. The team spirit and camaraderie of the Boot Campers is awesome! I never felt this kind of love in my countless hrs in the gym.. They inspired me to run my first 5K last October.. I always thought I was not a runner but I discovered a new passion.. The strategies, tips and inspiration from Jennifer and the Adventure Boot Camp team motivated me to achieve my goal in the 12 weeks ABC challenge in 2011! I finally managed to lose that baby fat!

I am still amazed to see that 3-4 hrs at Adventure Boot Camp can equate to 15hrs at the gym! But they do.. they only thing I can think of.. is that the workout are so well designed to make them efficient/effective! I have maintained my fitness level investing only 1/5 th of the time I used to spend at the gym.. this allows me to enjoying the rest of the time with my lil guy/hubby; I know time flies and soon enough my toddler will be independent.. I want to make the most of it while I can! Thanks to ABC for designing the right program that enable me to have this right balance!

Thank you!

Nayeli Reza

“Brian – I can not tell you how excited Kathy and I were this morning when we went for our evaluation. I feel like I have won the Oscar!! We are so thrilled. Thank you! In two boot camps I have lost 30.2 pounds – thank you so much for your support. It is an awesome program! I am off to the outer banks for a week to celebrate. See you on the 6th. Thanks again – we are so thrilled.


Some Recent Feedback …

“All they have to do is look at me and see the results!! And, from a nurse’s standpoint, I have changed especially on the inside (endurance, vital signs improved, ect). I always get the questions–How much weight have you lost? or You look younger, what have you done? I just answer with 4 words: Adventure Boot Camp for Women!! Then I follow w/4 more words: It changed my life.”

I have told everyone about my Camp experience. The initial concerns are the early mornings, as it was for me. I told myself the first camp, “I can do anything for a month”. Now as I sign up for my third camp, the mornings only stink for about 2 mins, the time it takes to pull my butt out of bed!

That it is a great way to get your workout in early, without really thinking.

My energy levels and strength have improved so much in 4 weeks!

I’d say, “yes, it’s hard to get up at 5:00 am, but after the workout is over, then you feel great!”

It’s an awesome, well constructed early morning workout that totally rocks my day!!

I always share what I’m doing when people ask what I’ve been doing because of how good i look. I say it’s in the morning and early but truly sets the tone for my whole day. From eating breakfast to going to bed because I have to be up early. You don’t get bored because everyday it’s something different.

Boot Camp can help you reach your fitness goals! It IS a lifestyle change – exercising early in the day, eating right, drinking water and feeling more energetic. It helps create healthy habits that carry over into other parts of your life too.

I LOVED the variety of the work outs and the results.

It’s a well balance workout with new and different exercises. It is fun with the other campers and the instructor was very knowledgeable.

I love everything about it! Especially: being outside, (and the great indoor space) the variety of the workouts, the daily emails, the other women, the time of day, and the CREATIVE fresh ideas each session. THANKS again :)

The best place to get on the right track for a healthy body and a fresh positive mind:) I just loved being in a group and Jennifer was very very good…..Ulka.

A great group environment. Get your workout in early. A great full body workout.

Great workout! So much stronger. Feel like I’m in much better shape than when I was only running.

I liked the atmosphere and the workouts. Being outdoors was great. The instructor was great and I loved meeting the new people. Everyone was friendly and encouraging. I really noticed a difference in my energy level and the way my clothes fit.

That the instructor was great, and it was an easy way to get in a workout in a “go at your own pace” way.

You can definitely see a difference after just one camp – in ability as well as a change in your body shape.

I found something that works for me!  I am motivated by Brian’s words of encouragement and attitude each and every morning! After 5 months of challenging myself, we have never done the same workout twice and that the music helps push me harder. Having graduated from and All-Girls High School (years ago! :) …my closest friends get the camaraderie I share each morning with the other women that attend! I am nothing but 100% positive about my experience with Boot Camp! It works for me and I love it! The emails are inspiring, educational and are looked forward to regularly.


When I first signed up for boot camp, it was for the sole purpose of losing weight. I did not expect to receive 1000 times more than that.  Now, at 6:30am I have this huge feeling of accomplishment because my workout is done for the day and I have taken an hour out of my day just for me.

With boot camp I’ve learn more about myself and what I am capable of accomplishing which pushes me to accomplish more at work and in my personal life. I start my day with more energy than I ever imagined. The confidence you and Adventure Boot camp have given me, has allowed me to conquer old demons.

For years, I have always wanted to learn to play tennis but was too afraid that I would embarrass myself and not be able to keep up. Last week I started tennis lesson and was able to chase after that little yellow ball for a whole hour in the heat! YES!!!

Thank you for how much you care for and empower each woman in your camp.


Hi Brian,

I just wanted to send you an email to let you know how much I enjoy & appreciate the awesome camp you’ve put together.  Everything from the exercises, to the nutritional info, to the daily emails of encouragement have been top notch & for the first time in a LONG time I am excited about getting healthy. 

I also wanted to say how amazing I think Alicia is.  She’s the perfect combination of someone who will push & challenge you to your limits, but in a positive, supportive & encouraging way.  Hard to do I’m sure, but so very much appreciated. 

If you would have told me a month ago that I’d be excited about getting up at 4:30 every morning to come work my tail off in a parking lot with a bunch of strangers, I would have thought you were crazy.  I am so happy that I’ve been a part of this experience and I thank you and your team for all of the hard work that goes into what you do. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Your stronger, leaner, more energized friend in fitness,


“Twenty Days….that’s all it is.  I can do anything for twenty days!”   

When I started boot camp in June, I was looking for a way to jump-start my fitness for the summer.  My commitment to exercise had been lacking.  I was distracted by the commitments of life and I couldn’t find a place for exercise. Boot Camp sounded interesting but I had a huge obstacle to overcome.  I am NOT a  “morning person.” My husband and friends know better than to even look at me until I have had my coffee!!   I was a bit worried that 5:30 and I would not get along, but I decided to just try it anyway.  It was a twenty-day proposition….I committed to just twenty days.  

Well twenty days passed….and then another another twenty day camp, and now as I start my THIRD camp, I thought I’d write you and let you know what has kept this non-“morning person” coming back!

  1. This is the most EFFICIENT work-out I’ve found.  Upper body/lower body and cardio all in one shot.  No excuses here. You can’t get more done in this short of a time.
  2. The work-out is SAFE.  I come home sore, but not injured.  The work-out is well designed from day to day to work opposing muscle groups, and we’re encouraged to listen to our bodies and go at our own pace. As a doctor, this is crucial to me.  I love that there are alternatives and modifications for participants of all body types or for those who might be recovering from injury.  I could safely recommend this program to others.
  3. The results are FAST.  I am stronger, leaner, and faster.  I saw results in twenty days.  My body is far from perfect, but I am better than I was, and I continue to see improvements!  I am using weights I never thought I would. 
  4. The pace is great and it’s FUN– we move quickly from one thing to the next.  My mind remains focused inward on what my body is doing.  I feel centered by the end of the hour, and all those nagging life-issues have been put away for a while.
  5. After a week off for vacationing, I now recognize that I FEEL better on the days when I exercise than when I don’t! 

I am a busy mom to four small children, and I am a family physician.  I know how important exercise is to a healthy lifestyle.  Thank you for helping me to put my knowledge into action.  Thank you for motivating me with your positive spirit, your humor, and your encouragement.

We are strong women – we can make it happen! Here’s to another twenty days!!

God Bless,

Dr. Rita Girard, MD

Now that boot camp is officially over for July, I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!  I can honestly say that boot camp has changed my life.  When Claire first told me about boot camp and that she was going to go in June, I thought she was nuts, but was kind of intrigued.  I got married in June and the week that I got back from my honeymoon, Claire told me she was going to go to the July boot camp as well.  I came up with a million reasons not to do it and then I signed up.
Before boot camp, I had convinced myself that I wasn’t the type of person that could workout in the morning.  I got bored easy with working out at the gym and never could keep myself motivated.  Now all that has changed.  The first couple of days of boot camp were physically very hard on me, but I was determined not to give up and let myself down.  And I was astonished at the changes.  I can’t believe how quickly I noticed little changes.
I’ll still be getting up in the mornings and working out and I will be back again for another fun month in the future.  Until then, thanks again!
Dawn Fricke


I just want you to know that you are soooooo, so good at what you do.

During every single step of boot camp (signing up, nutrition call, attending camp, emails, etc), I feel overwhelmingly cared about.  I feel like I have a super-knowledgeable ally in my journey of learning how to develop a healthy lifestyle. 

It’s so apparent that you fully & completely care about every boot camper in a holistic way – not just how big their muscles could be…but also if they are pushing it too hard, if they are trying to have a positive outlook in life, etc.

You always try to add fun, new, good exercises & things to keep us excited & interested & challenged.

And you’re always super encouraging as well.

I just really appreciate all the things you do to make camp totally rock so much. That’s has everything to do with why I love being there & why it’s always worth it to make it work financially.  It’s such a safe, challenging, fun, positive, energetic way to work out.  I really excel in that kind of environment & on the flip side I really fail in negative environments.

So, thanks for all you do & all the effort you put into us campers & our experience.  It doesn’t go unnoticed!

You Rock!

Alison Glover

HI Brian,

Just wanted to let you know that I cannot believe the changes that I’ve noticed since starting boot camp.   Upper body strength and muscle tone have really improved.  (My husband mentioned he noticed a difference in my back and I noticed my arms)   As you know I was doing regular strength training and classes before I came to boot camp, so I really didn’t think I would notice anything…..wrong!

Kathie H

When I joined for my first session in February this year it was more a testing the water for me than anything.  You see, about 5 years ago I was training for a marathon when I was diagnosed with MS.  That put the halt on any exercise for me- I could barely function for a whole day my fatigue was so severe.  So about 20 lbs of weight appears and depression sets in and the snowball started rolling.    What I’ve discovered, with inspiration from you and the campers, is that I truly feel better and more energized each day now that I’m exercising again.

Beth Green

Adventure Fitness Boot Camp – Oakley

Adventure Fitness Boot Camp – Crossroads

Brian, Thank you for all of the information that you send us in your educational e-mails. 

In 2006, I was hospitalized with possible colon cancer.  My intestine had so many holes in it , they could not do a colonoscopy until it could heal somewhat. They keep me for 15 days and started heavy drugs. Sticking every vein I had and stuffing me daily into machines to see my progress. The drugs were the most miserable thing due to their side effects. Eventually they were able to see it was a bacterial infection I had picked up in Brazil, but some of the intestine had to go, it would not heal itself. 

After surgery, the drugs continued. I was unable to keep my balance, my vision was blurred and I was very forgetful and other things I can’t mention.  In effect I was losing myself. Needless, to say I was unhappy. This lasted into 2007. By that time I had lost my strength mentally and physically.  My birthday was quickly approaching and I had a “big” talk with myself, What did I want? 

One morning I woke up and there you were on Fox 19, Boot Camp was my answer. I told no one, in case I failed. The only support I had were your e-mails and my husbands gentle encouragements. He would place his hands on my back every morning and slowly push me out of bed! So you see, I am grateful for your educational words, and every day when I can balance on one foot. Because there were those days when I could not.  Thanks again for your help. 

LM (due to medical information, holding name in confidence).

Brian: Before boot camp I never would have believed the “exercise gives us more energy” statement.  But I’m completely sold, now.  The days that I go to boot camp or do one of my independent workouts I feel like a human generator.  Maybe I notice it more at this point in my life because I’m a real low energy part of midlife, but I’m amazed at how much more energetic and productive I’ve been these past few months!  Many thanks from me, my husband, my kids and grandkids, and my employers – we are all reaping the benefits of boot camp!

Thanks, Cynthia

Thanks Brian. You’re terrific at this.  You know just how much to do.  And I’m looking forward to a few more aches as things get worked and developed. Hot Dog!



Investing in your Cincinnati Adventure Boot Camp is the best gift I have ever given myself!   I am currently in my 2nd week of my 3rd boot camp and each day keeps getting better.    I have to admit I had reservations when I first signed up for my first session.    Years ago I had several personal trainers, some were good and some were horrible, and before committing to your Boot Camp I found myself thinking… how is he going to lead all of us as a group?    I now know that everyone receives dedicated personal instruction and I couldn’t ask for anything more in an exercise program.   You keep pushing us to challenge ourselves and Boot Camp is motivating, stimulating and fun… it’s has everything my routine with personal trainers lacked.  Adventure Boot Camp jumpstarts my day, exercising with the sun rising seems to energize me and make me feel like I can conquer the world.   With the daily exercise and following your nutrition program, I have lost weight and I am toning up my body.   At the beginning of the first Boot Camp I was wearing a size 12 and two months later I am wearing my size 8’s that I have not worn in years!  I am 46 years old but feel like I did when I was 30.    Where else can you get that for less than $15.00 a day? 

I feel truly blessed that I am strong, confident and healthy women and it’s all because of your direction and dedication at Cincinnati Adventure Boot Camp.   Thanks for caring, Brian!  

See you at 05:30,

Alicia Spencer

Hey Brian,

I really am enjoying the boot camp.   I was so thrilled today that my run around the building was 40 seconds faster than Monday.  A small victory, but a victory none the less! Tomorrow I’ll be even faster.  I have already debated signing up for next month.  I know from conversations over Crossroads coffee this morning several people love the class, not for the exercises but the great instructor we have.  You really know how to motivate me (and so did my body fat number yesterday!) 

Hope your having a great Wednesday!

Maribeth Grattan


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your unconditional support during boot camp.  This was one of the best experiences of my life, despite suffering two minor ankle injuries.  I have never been a physically active person, I have certainly never pushed myself.  You have shown me how to understand my body/ physical strength so that I can push myself to my fullest potential.  As I previously stated, in middle school I was diagnosed with a heart problem.  I would pass out due to a cardio arrhythmia condition.  Under doctors orders I stopped all physical activity.  No gym class, no basketball, etc.  with all those restrictions I lost all self confidence in terms of athletic ability.  I also felt like an outsider, because I was the “sick” girl who couldn’t do what everyone else was doing.  Injuring my ankle brought back a lot of those “outsider” feelings.  Not being able to keep up with the other boot campers was hard!  However, my fellow “injured” boot campers were a great support as did your attention to seeing that I was doing okay. 

I grew out of my heart condition in my early twenties and I have tried to “get in shape”.  This boot camp helped me get physically stronger, but also emotionally stronger.  My self confidence is sky high!  I feel like I can accomplish anything.  I will be traveling next month.  I need to give my ankles a break but I’ll be back!

You and your staff are amazing.  Any woman who wants to get in shape physically or emotionally needs to experience on Adventure Boot Camp!  I will preach this to every woman I know!!!

Best wishes,

A.B. (holding name in confidence for sensitivity)

Hello Brian,

I just had to write you a note to let you know how much I appreciate your program and how much it has meant to me.  
About six months ago, I cleaned my closet and packed up clothes that I never thought I would fit into again.  I considered donating them to Goodwill or Dress for Success but decided to put them in the attic “just in case” and so that I would not have a constant reminder of how much weight I had gained.  
Yesterday, I lead a training session in one of my favorite suits.  I had to wear a belt to hold my pants up!   This morning, I went to put on another pair of pants and realized that I looked like a clown.  They were swimming on me.   I went up to my attic and found that my “just in case” clothes fit!   They may not be in style anymore – but I could not be more proud to wear these pants.  
I am so excited!
Thanks for your help!


Hi Brian.  Just wanted to say that I think you do a great job with all of us and let you know how pleased I have been  with both Boot Camps; the one last month and now the start of the second one for me.  After using 3 and 5 lb. weights I graduated to 8 lbs today!  I used them for the 1st time this morning and except for one exercise, I was able to do it!  Considering how weak I have always been in my upper body this is a huge improvement for me.  It proves I have become stronger and that was my hope!  The thing I appreciate the most is this feeling of peace, relaxation and “wellness” that I now feel every day.  I know that it is from these things; the exercise, the good nutrition, drinking more water and the 7 hours of sleep I am getting by turning in earlier. All things learned and practiced daily through your wonderful Boot Camp. I will be turning 53 later this month and it feels great knowing I am entering my latter years a stronger, healthier and happier woman.  Thanks so much Brian for all you do for us.      

 I stopped the Adkin’s diet the very night of your telephone seminar and I am eating the healthy foods in the quantities and the times that you recommended.  It’s easy and probably the way God intended us to eat.  I am glad I signed up for your boot camp and it feels good knowing that I am becoming a little stronger and a lot healthier.  Thanks again Brian.  Have a wonderful day.

Michelle Wullkotte

Hi Brian- Thanks for one of the best days of my life. I know it will reflect change. I had a ball at boot camp this morning!


“I want to scream it from the mountain tops!!  Brian Calkins is the greatest trainer in the world!!! I am wearing a pair of jeans I haven’t worn in 2 years!!!  And I am not squished into them.  They really fit!!! I am a true believer!!!”

Sue Burrows – Madeira City Schools

Brian, I’d like to give a little testimonial that might encourage people to do at least one boot camp with you. I am in shape, and my goal is not to lose weight, but the reason I joined was to mix it up a little, and to learn something about weight training. I have found that I really love boot camp for one reason – you do mix it up – although the calisthenics may be very difficult – both challenging balance and ability, they are really fun. When is the last time I did jumping jacks, lunges, the Indian run, curb work, crunches, the 6 inch killer…. makes me feel young and active, and I am using muscles I don’t use in my “normal” routine. And I’m learning many different exercises for my arms using the weights. I really do love it. To top it off, your attitude and energy is very motivating! So, thank you, and I’ll be signing up again in the fall for the 3 days a week, to keep the positive energy I’ve gained from this experience alive! Thanks.

Mimi Dyer


Your program has been really awesome for me so far, I truly can not imagine what my results will be when we are finished, I have worked out for a long time and have never had this great of results. I really feel like I look pretty good, which is something you would seldom hear me say about myself. THANKS!!!!!”

Julie Hogan, Mother of 2 Young Children

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