Dr. John Spencer Ellis has been an innovator in the fitness industry for more than half his life. He began his life of fitness at age 12, and has continually educated himself in the areas of fitness, sports conditioning, medical advancements, education and business. John is a personal trainer, fitness consultant, trainer of personal trainers, media advisor, medical exercise specialist, mentor, life coach, and peak performance consultant.

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Since the late 1990s, John has operated an Adventure Boot Camp in Orange County, CA and oversees the Spencer Escape fitness retreat center in Big Bear, CA. After years of research, hundreds of hours of instruction, experimenting with various teaching methods, camp formats, and nutrition programs, the Adventure Boot Campmethod emerged. This is the method you will learn.

After much research, Brian Calkins found John’s boot camp to be the absolute best in the industry, so he decided to model it exactly as it has evolved over the past two decades. Brian then spent countless hours learning the success formula from Dr. Ellis and his team of elite fitness instructors. The boot camp training, along with Brian’s expertise as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer and nutrition consultant are guaranteed to provide you with the formula to successfully attain a healthy, fit, energetic and lean body.

A note from Brian …

If you are ready to reclaim your body, improve your energy, tighten any flabby area’s and feel fantastic boot camp is a fun and energizing way to get fit.  Now enlisting in boot camp may sound a little frightening, but I promise you, it’s completely the opposite. Yes you will work hard, yes you will sweat and yes you will be held accountable, however it’s all done in a supportive and empowering environment with other women who desire to look and feel great.  There will be pushups, but there will also be the greatest feeling of accomplishment when you start camp not being able to do one and finish camp 4 weeks later being able to do a dozen or more and noticing the changes in your health, energy and body.

Adventure Boot Camp is transforming the lives of women throughout greater Cincinnati.  Since launching in March, 2007, more than 43,000 pounds of excess body fat have been lost among all of the participants.  The average person is losing 6 – 10 pounds a camp and some over that.  They are also losing 1 – 3 inches off of their waist, but the effects go way beyond that.

By week four of camp I see such significant improvements in muscle tone, strength, stamina, and flexibility!  I would like to call it amazing but really it isn’t.  Is a formula that works every time.  What’s amazing is your body and how you adapt to change – positive or negative.  At any time our bodies can improve or decline. The choice is ours every day.

Let’s face it everyone wants to look great in their clothing and have unlimited energy.  You deserve a renewed sense of motivation and commitment to your health, fitness and well being.  We tend to put our fitness at the bottom of the priority list, however when placed at the top, the rest of the list is much more manageable and enjoyable.

There are 2 different options available for boot camp. Ideally the camp is designed to be 5 days a week for 4 weeks to get the most significant results.  Then there is also a 3-Day per week camp option.  You have flexibility with the 3 days to use your 12 sessions however it best fits your schedule throughout the 4 weeks.

I invite you to join me and the incredible group of supportive ladies who are committed to living longer, stronger, more energetic and outstanding years.  Don’t let another day, month or worse, years slip away where you are wishing to get fit and healthy.  The opportunity is here and the time is now.

In 4 weeks of boot camp, incredible results are possible. You can expect to lose inches, improve posture, reduce pain, have an uplifted attitude, make nourishing food choices as well as enjoy wearing the skinny clothes in your closet. I invite you to read the testimonials from women who lives are forever changed in far reaching and positive ways.

You can register here. And you can also watch a 2-minute segment of boot camp that Rob Williams of Fox-19 did recently by clicking here.

I am always just a phone call or e-mail away – 513-407-4665, ext 105 or Brian@HealthStyleFitness.com. I will follow up with you shortly.

Your friend in fitness, Brian Calkins